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6502 Nursery Drive, Suite 100
Victoria, TX 77904

Board of Trustees

A nine-member board of trustees made up of community leaders who volunteer their time and expertise governs the Center. The following individuals are appointed for two-year terms by the Commissioner's Court of their respective counties. They establish the governing policies of the Center, and provide direction and oversight of all authority functions and service provision offered to the people we serve. The board also appoints a Planning and Network Advisory Committee (PNAC), whose purpose is to advise management and the board in the planning and delivery of services to meet the needs of the seven county service area. For information about meeting times and locations, please call 361.582.2309.


Steve Hipes, Chair
Victoria County




 Judge Daryl L. Fowler
 DeWitt County


Annette Pfeil, Vice Chair

Annette Pfeil, Secretary

Calhoun County
Shirley McMillan
Goliad County


 Hoss Whitt
Refugio County



Dr. Sylvester Walleck
Jackson County



 Gary Burns
Victoria County



Melissa Lester
Calhoun County




Judge Tramer J. Woytek
Lavaca County



Board Meeting Agendas

See the links below for a PDF file of Gulf Bend Center's recent Board Meeting Agendas.

Board Meeting Agenda - January 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - February 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - March 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - April 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - May 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - June 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - July 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - August 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - September 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - October 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - December 2017

Board Meeting Agenda - January 2018

Board Meeting Agenda - February 2018

Board Meeting Agenda - March 2018

Board Meeting Agenda - May 2018

Board Meeting Agenda - June 2018

Board Meeting Agenda - July 2018

Board Meeting Agenda - August 2018

Board Meeting Agenda - September 2018

Board Meeting Agenda - October 2018

Board Meeting Agenda - December 2018

Board Meeting Agenda - January 2019

Budget-Finance Committee Meeting Agendas

See links below for a PDF file of Gulf Bend Center's recent Budget-Finance Committee Meeting Agendas.

Budget-Finance Agenda - January 2016

Budget-Finance Agenda - August 2016

Budget-Finance Agenda - December 2016

Budget-Finance Agenda - April 2017

Budget-Finance Agenda - July 2017

Budget-Finance Agenda - December 2017

Budget-Finance Agenda - July 2018

Budget-Finance Agenda - December 2018

Executive Committee Meeting Agendas

See link below for a PDF file of Gulf Bend Center's Executive Committee Meeting Agenda.

Executive Committee Agenda - March 2017