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Golden Crescent Area Information Center

The Golden Crescent Area Information Center maintains current information on health and human care services available in the 7 county area that includes Calhoun, DeWitt, Goliad, Gonzales, Jackson, Lavaca, and Victoria counties.  The Directory also contains hundreds of state and national resources.
 The Golden Crescent Resource Directory is now available online!  You may search for services by keywords, programs, or agencies.  Use the menu tabs provided to change search methods or to access other features.  Services can also be searched by geographic area such as zip code, city, or county.

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Military Veteran Peer Network

Making the transition from military life to civilian life can sometimes be quite difficult for veterans and their family members regardless of when and where they served but especially so for those that have been deployed to the combat theatre multiple times. Military life can be vastly different than civilian life and when a veteran takes off the uniform and attempts to move on with their life in the community he or she can sometimes find that others may not be able to relate to their experiences and the veteran may not feel as though others understand them.   Fortunately, The Texas Department of State Health Services recognizes that a need exists to assist veterans and their family members in their transition to civilian life. Veterans are reluctant to seek out services from mental health professionals and when they do they often discover that the mental health professional is not a military veteran with similar experiences. Because of this, there is now a campaign to train Peer Facilitators within the Military Veteran Peer Network in Texas. Over 300 military veterans have received specific training on how to assist other veterans and family members in their transition.   Regardless of when or where the veteran served, they and or their family members, are welcome to attend the transition meetings which are offered free of cost and in various locations throughout the state and including Victoria and DeWitt Counties.  Various topics are addressed in the meetings and referrals to community, state and national entities are made to meet the needs of those who attend.

If you are a military veteran or family member who would benefit from networking with others who are transitioning, please consider contacting Stan Hamlyn for more information. He can be reached at 361.582.2348 or via email at shamlyn@gulfbend.org. 

You can also join the Military  Veteran Peer Network on the web by going to:  http://www.milvetpeer.net.  There are local chapters you can join as well. 

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Texas Youth & Runaway Hotline

Contact the Texas Youth & Runaway Hotline anytime, day or night to discuss your problem, it's free and we're here to help!

For Help:

·        Text: 512-872-5777

·        Chat: TexasYouth.orgExternal Link

 ·        Call:  1-800-989-6884

 Find answers to these and other questions:

  • I ran away from home, where can I find help?
  • I want to leave home, can I move out without my parents' permission?
  • What should I do if my child doesn't come home?
  • My child's friend needs a place to stay, can they stay at my house?

Volunteer advocates are dedicated to helping you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to listen and help you consider your choices and develop a sensible solution.




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