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Lust or Love?Sun, Nov 6th 2011
No romance after baby!Mon, Feb 2nd 2009
Trauma and Drama: Why are friends and family rejecting me? Fri, Jan 16th 2009
My husband has left me for another woman. How do I let go?Tue, Jan 6th 2009
I'm having an affair with my boss. Can I get pregnant?Mon, Dec 15th 2008
Do you really ever 'Just Know' ? Tue, Nov 25th 2008
I'm always attracted to men who don't want me! What can I do?Sun, Nov 16th 2008
How can I forgive my husband to save our marriage?Wed, Nov 5th 2008
How much guilt is normal?Tue, Oct 21st 2008
Torn between two lovers, and scared of what I'll doMon, Oct 13th 2008
My depressed husband won't sleep with me. What should I do?Sun, Oct 5th 2008
A wife writes: "Somehow, we have not yet had sexual intercourse"Thu, Sep 25th 2008
My postpartum love life has been nonexistant. What can I do? Mon, Sep 15th 2008
Religious wife regrets premarital sex; won't sleep with husbandThu, Sep 4th 2008
Sex is great, but I dont like to do it.Wed, Aug 27th 2008
Nervous about nudityTue, Aug 12th 2008
Is a friendship possible after dating/living together for 3 yearsFri, Jul 25th 2008
Why does my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend have to be so involved in his life?Fri, Jul 11th 2008
I am a beautiful girl.....so why is my boyfriend selfish in bed?Thu, Jul 3rd 2008
My boss asked me about my sex life and im only 16.. please read!Fri, Jun 20th 2008
I never feel enough affection from my boyfriend. Am I obsessing? Wed, Jun 4th 2008
I think we got married for the wrong reasons.Tue, May 27th 2008
Can bondage and discipline tendencies be turned off?Wed, May 14th 2008
My boyfriend doesn't seem to have gotten over his ex-girlfriendMon, May 5th 2008
Why do I beat myself up over what they think?Mon, Apr 28th 2008
Is it my fault if my family falls apart after he cheats?Wed, Apr 16th 2008
wife wants to seperate after 23 yrs.Fri, Mar 28th 2008
Should I ask for closure 4 months after a break up? Fri, Mar 14th 2008
My ex-husband tells me he wants to be with me again but won't move out of his girlfriend's houseFri, Mar 7th 2008
Can't kick him out while he's down.Fri, Feb 22nd 2008
Low Sex DriveFri, Feb 22nd 2008
What is the true meaning of being defensive?Mon, Feb 11th 2008
My Wife is Depressed. Should I help her to Toughen Up or Just Be There for her?Sun, Feb 3rd 2008
Engaged to be married but fighting. The wedding date has been canceled.Tue, Jan 29th 2008
Long Distance Relationship TrialsSun, Jan 27th 2008
He cheats on me. Is it my fault? Mon, Jan 21st 2008
Is My Husband Gay ?Mon, Jan 14th 2008
I told my mom I'm lesbian and she didn't take it wellMon, Jan 7th 2008
So sick of this lying crap he puts on meFri, Dec 28th 2007
My needy son hates my boyfriend. How can I avoid choosing one over the other?Wed, Dec 19th 2007
My Mother Won't Go For Depression Treatment!Mon, Dec 10th 2007
Does my husband love his daughter more than me (his wife)?Thu, Nov 29th 2007
Stuck in an on-again, off-again relationship for 10 yearsTue, Nov 20th 2007
A Friend in NeedWed, Nov 14th 2007
how do i deal with the fact that my therapist is dying?Wed, Nov 7th 2007
Husband has low sex driveThu, Nov 1st 2007
My girlfriend wants to stop being critical but doesn't know howSun, Oct 21st 2007
Finally have a stable marriage, but having sex problemsMon, Oct 15th 2007
how to overcome sexual abuseSun, Sep 30th 2007
How can I stop getting into one-way relationships?Sun, Sep 23rd 2007
It seems like I have to choose between my husband and my son!Fri, Sep 14th 2007
Long distance relationshipWed, Sep 5th 2007
Should I get involved?Sat, Aug 25th 2007
I miss my daughterTue, Aug 14th 2007
How do I empty the nest gently?Mon, Aug 6th 2007
I get violentWed, Jul 25th 2007
My Fiancee Can't Get Over His Late WifeTue, Jul 17th 2007
How do I get out of a friendship?Sat, Jul 7th 2007
My friend cant get out of loveThu, Jun 28th 2007
Anger To Cover SadnessWed, Jun 13th 2007
i don't know if this is abuseMon, Jun 4th 2007
what can i do?Mon, May 28th 2007
Just looking?Sun, May 20th 2007
how to leave?Sun, May 13th 2007
Bored husbandSun, May 6th 2007
Loyalty or Love?Sun, Apr 22nd 2007
love rejectionSat, Apr 14th 2007
Should I leave my husband?Mon, Apr 2nd 2007
Very confusing relationshipMon, Mar 19th 2007
Nonexistent LoverMon, Mar 12th 2007
Domestic ViolenceSun, Mar 4th 2007
'Selfish guitarist' wonders how to grow upMon, Feb 19th 2007
Confronting A Marriage ProblemTue, Feb 13th 2007
Unattractive regardless, why bother?Sun, Feb 4th 2007
How do I forgive and forget when my husband abandoned me?Mon, Jan 22nd 2007
Please help me with basic social skillsSun, Jan 14th 2007
No Guy Will Be Interested In MeMon, Jan 1st 2007
Other WomanWed, Dec 20th 2006
Never been kissed but wanting sex ... (please help advise)Wed, Dec 13th 2006
I have a hard time making friends with other guysTue, Dec 5th 2006
divorceSat, Dec 2nd 2006
A question concerning gender identity.Sun, Nov 26th 2006
Is it okay to be a masochist?Sun, Nov 19th 2006
My religion and my sexualityThu, Nov 9th 2006
How to move on with everything against you?Wed, Nov 8th 2006
Should I marry him ?Sun, Oct 22nd 2006
The Catch 22 of Fear of AbandonmentTue, Oct 17th 2006
Learning To Set LimitsWed, Oct 11th 2006
Can I become a virgin again?Sat, Oct 7th 2006
Anger ManagementTue, Oct 3rd 2006
What is wrong with me? I Don't care anymore...Sun, Sep 24th 2006
what am i afraid of?Fri, Sep 15th 2006
Boyfriend starting to cope with adoption and abuseWed, Sep 13th 2006
Nude women an issue?Sun, Sep 10th 2006
Lack of Personal HygieneThu, Sep 7th 2006
How to work out differencesThu, Aug 31st 2006
swingerWed, Aug 23rd 2006
I have to imagine I'm a sex victimMon, Aug 21st 2006
My friend's new beauMon, Aug 14th 2006
Heartbroken MomWed, Aug 9th 2006
Borderline GirlfriendWed, Aug 2nd 2006
Abusive relationship ever change?Thu, Jul 27th 2006
There are no guarantees when it comes to loveMon, Jul 24th 2006
I Think My Girlfriend Could Be PregnantFri, Jul 21st 2006
We don't get much enjoyment from sexThu, Jul 20th 2006
I had become a reality to him and he cannot deal with it.Mon, Jul 17th 2006
Hold on LooselyWed, Jul 5th 2006
How can I open up and become my old self again?Mon, Jun 26th 2006
I compromised and gave inTue, Jun 20th 2006
Going through his thingsWed, Jun 14th 2006
Advice for my unhappily married friendTue, Jun 6th 2006
Is something wrong with me? (sexual question)Tue, Jun 6th 2006
Sexually Frustrated in KansasWed, May 31st 2006
Angry at my doctor for prescribing so carelesslyWed, May 24th 2006
Cannot support old friend in her affairThu, May 18th 2006
He's selfish, disrespectful and irresponsibleMon, May 15th 2006
I have a crush on my husband's friendMon, May 8th 2006
I cannot continue to live without affectionFri, May 5th 2006
Regret my decision every single dayWed, May 3rd 2006
He has hit me on a few occasions ...Mon, May 1st 2006
Lingering Feelings for my old affair partnerFri, Apr 28th 2006
Coming to Terms With My Own Pathetic ExistenceWed, Apr 26th 2006
How to help a Womanizing friend?Tue, Apr 18th 2006
'Extremely controling' wife and passive husbandTue, Apr 11th 2006
How To Help Addicted BrotherThu, Apr 6th 2006
Feeling Really Alienated From My Sensitive Male SelfTue, Mar 28th 2006
Obsessed with the woman who is about to marry my exTue, Mar 21st 2006
Finding It Very Difficult To ForgiveFri, Mar 17th 2006
Wife of 21 Years Has a BoyfriendMon, Mar 13th 2006
Having trouble letting go of ex-sister-in-lawMon, Mar 6th 2006
the way out is through the doorThu, Mar 2nd 2006
I suspect that my husband is cheatingWed, Feb 8th 2006
Boyfriend Talks DirtyWed, Feb 8th 2006
Abusive Older SisterWed, Jan 4th 2006
Explaining Divorce To ChildrenWed, Jan 4th 2006
Abusive MotherWed, Jan 4th 2006
Friends With BenefitsWed, Jan 4th 2006
Killing Myself In His KitchenTue, Dec 6th 2005
Big BoyfriendTue, Dec 6th 2005
Friend JoeTue, Dec 6th 2005
Working Mother Wants To Stay HomeTue, Dec 6th 2005
Angry At Ex-BoyfriendFri, Nov 4th 2005
Violent SisterFri, Nov 4th 2005
When Will My Boyfriend Grow Up?Fri, Nov 4th 2005
Bible-Based Recovery vs. AAFri, Nov 4th 2005
Spousal Abuse and Borderline Personality DisorderFri, Nov 4th 2005
Am I Just Deluding Myself?Sun, Oct 2nd 2005
A Marriage Outside The CasteSun, Oct 2nd 2005
I Don't Have Any Idea What To SaySun, Oct 2nd 2005
Attachment IssuesSun, Oct 2nd 2005
26 Year Old VirginWed, Aug 31st 2005
Embarrassed and Ashamed of My WeaknessWed, Aug 31st 2005
Should I Just Be Alone For Now?Wed, Aug 31st 2005
Frustrated LesbianFri, Jul 29th 2005
Seeing A Married ManFri, Jul 29th 2005
Living In Fear Of The Next OutburstFri, Jul 29th 2005
Is Recovery Possible?Tue, Jul 5th 2005
Missing the ChildrenTue, Jul 5th 2005
Abuse Warning SignsTue, Jul 5th 2005
Withdrawn WifeTue, Jul 5th 2005
Husband Wants A DivorceTue, Jul 5th 2005
Best Way To Deal With Verbal AbuseTue, May 31st 2005
Scared Of Her ReactionTue, May 31st 2005
Scared To Death NowTue, May 31st 2005
Bondage and DisciplineSat, Apr 30th 2005
Duty vs. FreedomSat, Apr 30th 2005
Grieving All The TimeSat, Apr 30th 2005
Decreased InterestThu, Mar 31st 2005
Failing My DaughterThu, Mar 31st 2005
Marital Problems?Thu, Mar 31st 2005
Never Had A BoyfriendThu, Mar 31st 2005
A Mean, Verbally Abusive WomanSun, Feb 27th 2005
Friend's Downward SpiralSun, Feb 27th 2005
Vows Could Turn SourSun, Feb 27th 2005
Gay Websites On Son's ComputerMon, Jan 31st 2005
He Stopped RespondingMon, Jan 31st 2005
In Love With A Married ManMon, Jan 31st 2005
Sarcastic And Wanting To ChangeMon, Jan 31st 2005
Antisocial And UncommunicativeThu, Jan 6th 2005
Bosom BuddiesThu, Jan 6th 2005
Making ExcusesThu, Jan 6th 2005
A Moth Attracted To FlameWed, Dec 8th 2004
Am I Wrong?Wed, Dec 8th 2004
Emotional OrphanWed, Dec 8th 2004
Can You Help Me Save My Relationship?Mon, Nov 1st 2004
Confused While Leaving An Abusive RelationshipMon, Nov 1st 2004
Marital StressMon, Nov 1st 2004
He'll Never Marry MeMon, Oct 4th 2004
Mom's ProtectorMon, Oct 4th 2004
Possessive Ex-GirlfriendMon, Oct 4th 2004
Postponed Wedding DayMon, Oct 4th 2004
Proper Sex Not HappeningMon, Oct 4th 2004
Busted By A 5-Year-OldWed, Sep 1st 2004
Down On LoveWed, Sep 1st 2004
Having Trouble Being FaithfulWed, Sep 1st 2004
SuicidalWed, Sep 1st 2004
Bad Health And A Bum HusbandMon, Aug 2nd 2004
I Am A LoserMon, Aug 2nd 2004
Depressed and Not DatingThu, Jul 1st 2004
Helping My SisterThu, Jul 1st 2004
Marriage ProblemsThu, Jul 1st 2004
Most Likely Gay HusbandThu, Jul 1st 2004
I Don't Know If I'm GayMon, May 31st 2004
Moody BoyfriendMon, May 31st 2004
Troubled MarriageMon, May 31st 2004
Why Did He Back Away?Mon, May 31st 2004
Absence of ClosenessTue, May 4th 2004
Absent BoyfriendTue, May 4th 2004
Afraid of CommitmentTue, May 4th 2004
Suicidal TeenTue, May 4th 2004
Lied About PornoThu, Apr 1st 2004
Where Do I Go From Here?Thu, Apr 1st 2004
Enmeshed With MumSat, Feb 28th 2004
On Becoming A PersonSat, Feb 28th 2004
Am I Happy?Fri, Jan 30th 2004
Struggling AlongFri, Jan 30th 2004
What Abuse Looks Like #1Tue, Dec 30th 2003
What Abuse Looks Like #2Tue, Dec 30th 2003
Former Partner's NameSun, Nov 30th 2003
Why Was I Raped?Sun, Nov 30th 2003
First InfidelityWed, Oct 29th 2003
Frustrated and Sucked DryWed, Oct 29th 2003
Is This Abuse?Wed, Oct 29th 2003
Love At First SightWed, Oct 29th 2003
Unhappily AttractiveWed, Oct 29th 2003
Disclosure #1: Healing From RapeWed, Jul 30th 2003
Disclosure #2: How Do I Tell My Boyfriend About My IllnessesWed, Jul 30th 2003
Get Over Myself?Wed, Jul 30th 2003
Relationship With My Boss #1Wed, Jul 30th 2003
Relationship With My Boss #2Wed, Jul 30th 2003
Detached, But Loving GuyWed, Jun 25th 2003
FightingWed, Jun 25th 2003
PERFECT RelationshipWed, Jun 25th 2003
Serious ProblemsWed, Jun 25th 2003
A Very Bad TemperTue, Apr 29th 2003
I Rarely Want To Have SexTue, Apr 29th 2003
Slobby HusbandTue, Apr 29th 2003
Angry But Over-ControlledMon, Mar 31st 2003
He Stopped Calling MeMon, Mar 31st 2003
Relationship In TroubleMon, Mar 31st 2003
Scared He Will Leave MeMon, Mar 31st 2003
Angry FriendMon, Mar 3rd 2003
Did My Parents Make Me Like This?Mon, Mar 3rd 2003
My Husband Won't Touch MeMon, Mar 3rd 2003
A Wonderful ManWed, Feb 5th 2003
Arranged MarriageWed, Feb 5th 2003
Getting Beyond ThisWed, Feb 5th 2003
Recognizing Verbal AbuseWed, Feb 5th 2003
Grieving and CluelessThu, Jan 2nd 2003
It's Hard To Trust AgainThu, Jan 2nd 2003
Lacking In IntimacyThu, Jan 2nd 2003
Ambivalent ExhibitionistSat, Dec 14th 2002
How To Explain Psychosis To A Boyfriend?Sat, Dec 14th 2002
Marital CrisisSat, Dec 14th 2002
Reader Comment #1Sat, Dec 14th 2002
Obsessive LoveWed, Nov 6th 2002
Pornography # 2: Should I Go Or Should I Stay?Wed, Nov 6th 2002
Pornography #1Wed, Nov 6th 2002
Unlucky in LoveWed, Nov 6th 2002
Addicted, Immoral HusbandMon, Sep 30th 2002
Lack of IdentityMon, Sep 30th 2002
Mistake MakerMon, Sep 30th 2002
NEED Him Not Want HimMon, Sep 30th 2002
Online Gaming ProblemsMon, Sep 30th 2002
Abusive BoyfriendSun, Sep 8th 2002
Feels Like AdulterySun, Sep 8th 2002
I'm Attracted To My TherapistSun, Sep 8th 2002
Not Allowed To Contact My BoyfriendSun, Sep 8th 2002
Rocky Relationships and AddictionSun, Sep 8th 2002
Should I Get Back Together With My Wife?Sun, Sep 8th 2002
Dissociates When IntimateThu, Aug 1st 2002
Once Burned, Twice ShyThu, Aug 1st 2002
Rites of Passage: Moving OnThu, Aug 1st 2002
She Won't Get HelpThu, Aug 1st 2002
Uncommunicative BoyfriendThu, Aug 1st 2002
I've Fallen For A ManTue, Jun 4th 2002
Lost Person Struggling With Intimacy IssuesTue, Jun 4th 2002
No Compassion For DepressionTue, Jun 4th 2002
Security BlanketTue, Jun 4th 2002
Cowardly StepdadSun, Mar 31st 2002
Is Male Interest In Pornography Normal?Sun, Mar 31st 2002
Parttime Bipolar GirlfriendSun, Mar 31st 2002
Affair GuiltThu, Feb 28th 2002
Alone TimeThu, Feb 28th 2002
Daughter's Violent MarriageThu, Feb 28th 2002
Seizures Interfering With LoveThu, Feb 28th 2002
A Lack Of Self-LoveThu, Jan 31st 2002
All The People I've Been WithThu, Jan 31st 2002
Always Something I Don't Know AboutThu, Jan 31st 2002
My Father Dislikes HimThu, Jan 31st 2002
Affairs and Broken HeartsTue, Dec 25th 2001
Can It Work?Tue, Dec 25th 2001
Her Only FriendTue, Dec 25th 2001
Possible Bi-Sexual HusbandTue, Dec 25th 2001
Untrusting BoyfriendTue, Dec 25th 2001
Culture ClashWed, Oct 31st 2001
Dead-End MarriageWed, Oct 31st 2001
Sweet But Aloof BoyfriendWed, Oct 31st 2001
Sweetheart ObsessionWed, Oct 31st 2001
Affair After-effectsSun, Sep 30th 2001
Did He Or Didn't He?Sun, Sep 30th 2001
Dumped Ten TimesSun, Sep 30th 2001
Husband Hates SexSun, Sep 30th 2001
Wants To Cross DressSun, Sep 30th 2001
ArgumentativeSun, Dec 31st 2000
Do I Tell My Children I'm Depressed?Sun, Dec 31st 2000
Making FriendsSun, Dec 31st 2000
RespectSun, Dec 31st 2000
Wanting IntimacySun, Dec 31st 2000
DepressedThu, Nov 30th 2000
Freshman in LoveThu, Nov 30th 2000
Hate Ex-BoyfriendThu, Nov 30th 2000
Low Sexual DesireThu, Nov 30th 2000
Not Ready For CommitmentTue, Nov 14th 2000
Adulterer's LamentTue, Nov 14th 2000
Depressed BoyfriendTue, Nov 14th 2000
Potentially Suicidal BoyfriendTue, Nov 14th 2000
Aftermath of the ThreesomeTue, Oct 31st 2000
Alcoholic HusbandTue, Oct 31st 2000
Lying BoyfriendTue, Oct 31st 2000
Mom's VentingTue, Oct 31st 2000
The Professor and MaryanneTue, Oct 31st 2000
Marriage TroubleSat, Oct 14th 2000
Ms. MiserySat, Oct 14th 2000
Spiraling HusbandSat, Oct 14th 2000
Trust IssuesSat, Oct 14th 2000
Can't Make Someone Love YouThu, Aug 31st 2000
Countering Type A With AssertivenessThu, Aug 31st 2000
Sexual Disorder?Thu, Aug 31st 2000
The Sober House LessonThu, Aug 31st 2000
Suffering In The CountryMon, Aug 14th 2000
Unhappy In An Arranged MarriageMon, Aug 14th 2000
Why Won't They Stay With Me?Mon, Aug 14th 2000
Haunted College StudentMon, Jul 31st 2000
Professional BoundariesMon, Jul 31st 2000
Pushy FriendMon, Jul 31st 2000
Rocky RelationshipMon, Jul 31st 2000
Smoking To Remember MomMon, Jul 31st 2000
Bipolar WifeFri, Jul 14th 2000
Boarding School BluesFri, Jul 14th 2000
Sick HusbandFri, Jul 14th 2000
TrustFri, Jul 14th 2000
Why Won't He Speak With Me?Fri, Jul 14th 2000
Broken HeartWed, Jun 14th 2000
Did My Husband Cheat?Wed, Jun 14th 2000
Married To A Control FreakWed, Jun 14th 2000
Screaming And Cursing HusbandWed, Jun 14th 2000
Unpaid ServantWed, Jun 14th 2000
Am I A Prude?Wed, May 31st 2000
Boyfriend Doesn't Give GiftsWed, May 31st 2000
Car NutWed, May 31st 2000
Love On The RocksWed, May 31st 2000
Torn Over ChildrenWed, May 31st 2000
CheatersSun, Apr 30th 2000
Internet RelationshipSun, Apr 30th 2000
Long MarriedSun, Apr 30th 2000
Private DancerSun, Apr 30th 2000
The OldSun, Apr 30th 2000
Abused WifeFri, Apr 14th 2000
Alcoholic HusbandFri, Apr 14th 2000
An Alcoholic's LamentFri, Apr 14th 2000
Can't Trust AnymoreFri, Apr 14th 2000
RestlessFri, Apr 14th 2000
AffairFri, Mar 31st 2000
Broken TrustFri, Mar 31st 2000
How Can I Help My Alcoholic Unmedicated Bipolar Girlfriend?Fri, Mar 31st 2000
How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love?Fri, Mar 31st 2000
I Want To Leave, But For The Children ...Fri, Mar 31st 2000
Insecure BoyfriendFri, Mar 31st 2000
Depressed SpouseTue, Mar 14th 2000
Energy Draining FriendTue, Mar 14th 2000
Ex-Girlfriend?Tue, Mar 14th 2000
MasturbationTue, Mar 14th 2000
Family BoundariesTue, Feb 29th 2000
Friendship after Love?Tue, Feb 29th 2000
IndependenceTue, Feb 29th 2000
Lack of InterestTue, Feb 29th 2000
Long Distance RelationshipTue, Feb 29th 2000
Office CasanovaTue, Feb 29th 2000
Broken Hearted ManMon, Feb 14th 2000
Drinking ProblemMon, Feb 14th 2000
Rejection?Mon, Feb 14th 2000
The SecretaryMon, Feb 14th 2000
Troubled EngagementMon, Feb 14th 2000
Confused?Sun, Feb 13th 2000
Immature?Sun, Feb 13th 2000
Love or Obsession?Sun, Feb 13th 2000
Shy GuySun, Feb 13th 2000
Valentine's Day Present?Sun, Feb 13th 2000
Am I In Love?Thu, Jan 13th 2000
Cross-Dressing BoyfriendThu, Jan 13th 2000
No Desire For Sex 1Thu, Jan 13th 2000
No Desire For Sex 2Thu, Jan 13th 2000
Some Short Ones First:Thu, Jan 13th 2000
Some Short Ones First:Thu, Jan 13th 2000
Wanting That Magic BackThu, Jan 13th 2000
Am I The Girlfriend And A DangerousTue, Dec 14th 1999
Controlling, Disabled HusbandTue, Dec 14th 1999
Maxie the MoocherTue, Dec 14th 1999
Depression and FriendshipTue, Nov 30th 1999
Drifting Apart?Tue, Nov 30th 1999
Is Divorce the Answer?Tue, Nov 30th 1999
Salvaging A MarriageTue, Nov 30th 1999
Why Am I Running Away?Tue, Nov 30th 1999
Can A Marriage Withstand Group Sex?Mon, Nov 15th 1999
Distant BoyfriendMon, Nov 15th 1999
Explosive AngerMon, Nov 15th 1999
My Boyfriend The TyrantMon, Nov 15th 1999
Bi-Curious BoyfriendSun, Oct 31st 1999
Dealing with DivorceSun, Oct 31st 1999
Mental AbuseSun, Oct 31st 1999
Untrustworthy FiancéeSun, Oct 31st 1999
Finding HerselfFri, Oct 15th 1999
Lusty BossFri, Oct 15th 1999
Playboy Viewing BoyfriendFri, Oct 15th 1999
The Other WomanFri, Oct 15th 1999
Uncomfortably NumbFri, Oct 15th 1999
All TornThu, Sep 30th 1999
Lying, Cheating HusbandThu, Sep 30th 1999
My Wife the PrisonerThu, Sep 30th 1999
Should I Stay or Should I Go?Thu, Sep 30th 1999
Boyfriend Won't CommitSun, Sep 12th 1999
Lost TrustSun, Sep 12th 1999
Relationship TriangulationSun, Sep 12th 1999
Sexual HarassmentSun, Sep 12th 1999
Abusive GirlfriendFri, Aug 27th 1999
Is This Love?Fri, Aug 27th 1999
Temper ProblemsFri, Aug 27th 1999
The Grass is Always Greener...Fri, Aug 27th 1999
Having Cake and Eating It TooThu, Aug 19th 1999
How can I save my marriage?Thu, Aug 19th 1999
Love TriangleThu, Aug 19th 1999
Miss LonelyThu, Aug 19th 1999
What is love, anyway?Thu, Aug 19th 1999
Dual RelationshipTue, Aug 10th 1999
Frustrated by Emotional DistanceTue, Aug 10th 1999
Problematic ParentsTue, Aug 10th 1999
Waiting for LoveTue, Aug 10th 1999
Emotionally Abusive Marriage: What To Do?Tue, May 25th 1999
False PromisesTue, May 25th 1999
My Boyfriend, The Selfish MonsterTue, May 25th 1999
Where Do I Stand?Tue, May 25th 1999
A Social MarriageWed, Apr 28th 1999
Cheating, Story No. 2,901Wed, Apr 28th 1999
Husband's Secretary Too Close?Wed, Apr 28th 1999
Ruining the Best RelationshipsWed, Apr 28th 1999
A VIOLENT MARRIAGETue, Apr 20th 1999
SHOULD I BE AFRAID?Tue, Apr 20th 1999
Rocky DatingWed, Apr 14th 1999
Rocky MarriageWed, Apr 14th 1999
Rocky Marriage, Part IIWed, Apr 14th 1999
Unhappy and In TherapyWed, Apr 14th 1999
Not There for MeTue, Apr 6th 1999
Struggling to Trust HimTue, Apr 6th 1999
Threatened by Suicide if I LeaveTue, Apr 6th 1999
Ba! Humbug! HusbandTue, Mar 23rd 1999
Being Supportive Without Being a BurdenTue, Mar 23rd 1999
Learn to Trust Each OtherTue, Mar 23rd 1999
Irritated With Each OtherTue, Mar 9th 1999
ReconciliationTue, Mar 9th 1999
Dating a WomanizerTue, Mar 2nd 1999
Is She Cheating on Me?Tue, Mar 2nd 1999
Uncomfortable Around My BoyfriendTue, Mar 2nd 1999
Annoying BoyfriendTue, Feb 23rd 1999
Fickle HusbandTue, Feb 23rd 1999
Lying LoverTue, Feb 23rd 1999
Doubting My Husband's SincerityTue, Feb 16th 1999
I Can't Say No To My AffairTue, Feb 16th 1999
I've Never Really Loved HimTue, Feb 16th 1999
His Mother is Ruining Our RelationshipTue, Feb 2nd 1999
I've Lost Interest in SexTue, Feb 2nd 1999
My Husband is GayTue, Feb 2nd 1999
Dazed and ConfusedTue, Jan 26th 1999
Jealous of Her Male FriendsTue, Jan 26th 1999
My Husband Lies To MeTue, Jan 26th 1999
...Empty and Alone...Tue, Jan 19th 1999
Getting Over My ExTue, Jan 19th 1999
He's Going Back to SchoolTue, Jan 19th 1999
An Affair in the WorkplaceTue, Jan 12th 1999
Attraction Outside the MarriageTue, Jan 12th 1999
Jekyll & HydeTue, Jan 12th 1999
DisappointedTue, Jan 5th 1999
How Do I Forgive Him?Tue, Jan 5th 1999
Inspiring Self-ConfindenceTue, Jan 5th 1999
Does He or Doesn't He Want a Family?Tue, Dec 8th 1998
Trying To Save Our MarriageTue, Dec 8th 1998
What Defines Marriage?Tue, Dec 8th 1998
Battling a Weight ProblemTue, Nov 24th 1998
Managing PrioritiesTue, Nov 24th 1998
My Snoring is Pushing Him AwayTue, Nov 24th 1998
Just Friends?Tue, Nov 17th 1998
Long Distance RelationshipTue, Nov 17th 1998
So-CalledTue, Nov 17th 1998
Coming To Terms With Her AffairWed, Nov 11th 1998
What Does He Really Want?...Wed, Nov 11th 1998
Am I Good Enough?Tue, Nov 3rd 1998
Married for 2 MonthsTue, Nov 3rd 1998
My Ex Is Moving On...Tue, Nov 3rd 1998
He's Married...Tue, Oct 27th 1998
How Can I Tell It's Love?Tue, Oct 27th 1998
Repeat OffenderTue, Oct 27th 1998
Bipolar Chat Rooms?Tue, Oct 20th 1998
DistantTue, Oct 20th 1998
She's Gone...Tue, Oct 20th 1998
Am I Wasting Her Time?Tue, Oct 6th 1998
Could He Fall In Love with Me?Tue, Oct 6th 1998
How Can I Help My Fiance?Tue, Oct 6th 1998
Are They More Than Friends?Tue, Sep 29th 1998
My Wedding Band...Tue, Sep 29th 1998
When Will He Warm Up?Tue, Sep 29th 1998
Is She Playing Hard to Get?Tue, Sep 22nd 1998
Losing My Sex Appeal?Tue, Sep 22nd 1998
Self-AcceptanceTue, Sep 22nd 1998
Falling for My MentorTue, Sep 15th 1998
I Want Out!Tue, Sep 15th 1998
She Wants to Have an AffairTue, Sep 15th 1998
He Just Wants to Be Friends...Tue, Sep 8th 1998
My Friend Wants to Marry MeTue, Sep 8th 1998
My Wife's Past...Tue, Sep 8th 1998
He Says I'm Too EmotionalTue, Aug 25th 1998
I Can't Let GoTue, Aug 25th 1998
Learning Intimacy...Tue, Aug 25th 1998
6 Years Is a Long TimeTue, Aug 11th 1998
Orgasm Without Sex?!Tue, Aug 11th 1998
Time to Cut the Apron StringsTue, Aug 11th 1998
He Won't Tell Me Why...Tue, Aug 4th 1998
My Flirtatious BeauTue, Aug 4th 1998
My Sex Drive is Out of Control!Tue, Aug 4th 1998
He's Shutting Me OutTue, Jul 21st 1998
He's Unpredictable...Tue, Jul 21st 1998
She Confuses MeTue, Jul 21st 1998
He's Worried about Her Ex...Tue, Jul 14th 1998
I Want to Leave My Husband for AnotherTue, Jul 14th 1998
Sexual FantasiesTue, Jul 14th 1998
LonelyTue, Jul 7th 1998
Mommy's New BoyfriendTue, Jul 7th 1998
Teacher's Pet?Tue, Jul 7th 1998
Busy and WantingTue, Jun 30th 1998
Over-Protective MotherTue, Jun 30th 1998
Pre-Marital SexTue, Jun 30th 1998
Tumultuous RelationshipTue, Jun 30th 1998
Depression Affecting My RelationshipTue, Jun 16th 1998
LonesomeTue, Jun 16th 1998
Working it OutTue, Jun 16th 1998
Abortion Disclosure?Tue, Jun 9th 1998
Comparing FeelingsTue, Jun 9th 1998
ReunitedTue, Jun 9th 1998
He's Not HimselfTue, Jun 2nd 1998
Too Young?Tue, Jun 2nd 1998
Waiting for LoveTue, Jun 2nd 1998
A Second Chance?Tue, May 26th 1998
I Could Be Happier...Tue, May 26th 1998
Learning to Love?Tue, May 26th 1998
Can We Be Friends?Tue, May 19th 1998
Jealousy or Fear?Tue, May 19th 1998
My Boyfriend's Baby...Tue, May 19th 1998
I Like Men and WomenTue, May 12th 1998
Love AddictionTue, May 12th 1998
Secret RendezvousTue, May 12th 1998
Someone Else's LoveTue, May 12th 1998
An Identity CrisisTue, May 5th 1998
I Can't Please My WifeTue, May 5th 1998
No One Believes Me...Tue, May 5th 1998
In Love with My Best FriendTue, Apr 28th 1998
Jealous of My Fiance's FamilyTue, Apr 28th 1998
My Husband Refuses to Seek HelpTue, Apr 28th 1998
My Sense of Humor...Tue, Apr 28th 1998
Young LoveTue, Apr 28th 1998
Different ReligionsTue, Apr 14th 1998
I Can't TrustTue, Apr 14th 1998
In Love with a Married ManTue, Apr 14th 1998
My Husband is a Cross-DresserTue, Apr 14th 1998
My Husband's Daughter...Tue, Apr 14th 1998
He Dumped My FriendTue, Apr 7th 1998
I'm a Homebody...Tue, Apr 7th 1998
Lack of Social SkillsTue, Apr 7th 1998
My Dad the DictatorTue, Apr 7th 1998
Outta Sight, Outta Mind?Tue, Apr 7th 1998
Scared of Hurting Him...Tue, Apr 7th 1998
Arousal Disorder?Tue, Mar 31st 1998
He's Obnoxious...and a TransvestiteTue, Mar 31st 1998
Honesty Isn't the Best PolicyTue, Mar 31st 1998
My Children Aren't Speaking..Tue, Mar 31st 1998
Recovery TimeTue, Mar 31st 1998
Should I Swing?Tue, Mar 31st 1998
Dating My WifeTue, Mar 24th 1998
I Love My TeacherTue, Mar 24th 1998
Is It Love?Tue, Mar 24th 1998
Remember Me?Tue, Mar 24th 1998
She Needs Time...Tue, Mar 24th 1998
An Angry HusbandTue, Mar 17th 1998
He's So Angry...Tue, Mar 17th 1998
My Wife Wants Me to Leave...Tue, Mar 17th 1998
Unfaithful and UnhappyTue, Mar 17th 1998
Bipolar or Just Moody?Tue, Mar 3rd 1998
Dogs Instead of Children?Tue, Mar 3rd 1998
My Wife and Her Sister...Tue, Mar 3rd 1998
An Empty FeelingTue, Feb 24th 1998
An Older ManTue, Feb 24th 1998
My Wife is DepressedTue, Feb 24th 1998
OrgasmlessTue, Feb 24th 1998
Alone and BipolarTue, Feb 17th 1998
Money and FriendsTue, Feb 17th 1998
My Gay Son?Tue, Feb 17th 1998
Falling ApartTue, Feb 10th 1998
Friend's New FlingTue, Feb 10th 1998
FriendlessTue, Feb 10th 1998
Hanging OnTue, Feb 10th 1998
Am I Crazy?Tue, Feb 3rd 1998
Loving too MuchTue, Feb 3rd 1998
More Than Friends?Tue, Feb 3rd 1998
Am I Bisexual?Wed, Jan 28th 1998
I Hate MyselfWed, Jan 28th 1998
I'm Jealous of His ExWed, Jan 28th 1998
My Boyfriend Is DepressedWed, Jan 28th 1998
Am I Bisexual?Tue, Jan 20th 1998
Ending a RelationshipTue, Jan 20th 1998
Losing a FatherTue, Jan 20th 1998
Mood SwingsTue, Jan 20th 1998
Problems with My DaughterTue, Jan 20th 1998
Violent BehaviorTue, Jan 20th 1998
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