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Suffering with Treatment-Resistant DepressionThu, Aug 5th 2010
Right in the middle of a nervous breakdown; What's wrong with me? Thu, Apr 15th 2010
obsessive strange thoughts about life and existentialismWed, Jun 24th 2009
Narcissistic StepfatherMon, Jun 8th 2009
Teenaged girl at risk for Eating Disorders writes, "i want to be confidant with my body"Wed, Feb 11th 2009
Im so confused...is is BPD or Bipolar? Wed, Jan 28th 2009
I can't stop jerking off! How can I stop masturbating?Fri, Jan 16th 2009
What is Neuroticism?Wed, Jan 7th 2009
Am i schizophrenic?Mon, Dec 15th 2008
Cyclical DepressionFri, Nov 28th 2008
Frightening thoughts - fear losing control - please help!Tue, Nov 18th 2008
Does my husband have a personality disorder?Fri, Nov 14th 2008
When there is someone who is better looking than me, I feel inadequateWed, Nov 5th 2008
My girlfriend and I have been having intercourse for over 2 1/2 years and she has yet to orgasmMon, Oct 20th 2008
Dissociation eventsMon, Oct 13th 2008
Working with a socially inept young adultThu, Oct 9th 2008
Religious wife is conflicted over husband's desire for anal playFri, Sep 26th 2008
Is it my fault that I was sexually abused? Did it make me gay?Thu, Sep 18th 2008
Does an old brain injury contribute to anger management problems?Wed, Sep 3rd 2008
Is it possible to stop being an attention seeker?Tue, Aug 26th 2008
Are all personality disorders the results of poor parenting?Mon, Aug 11th 2008
Is there help for a person who has always been a 'little depressed'Fri, Jul 25th 2008
Therapist rights to contact EmployerWed, Jul 16th 2008
I'm overemotional! What's wrong with me?Thu, Jul 10th 2008
Identity Confusion: I don't know what personality disorders I haveFri, Jun 27th 2008
Children's role-play after loss. Is this an instance of denial?Thu, Jun 12th 2008
I believe my husband sexually abused my daughter and is at risk for doing the same to my grandchildren. What should I do now?Wed, Jun 4th 2008
How do I help my grieving, substance abusing daughter? Sun, May 25th 2008
Does a therapist have to report me as suicidal if I tell her I self injure? Thu, May 15th 2008
Is Borderline Personality Disorder a Choice?Mon, May 5th 2008
Can a psychologist tell his patient that he is attracted to her?Mon, Apr 28th 2008
I have PTSD and I feel nothingMon, Apr 28th 2008
Furious that my therapist didn't warn me about erotic transferenceWed, Apr 16th 2008
I don't know who my true self is!Tue, Mar 25th 2008
Self-Injury / Self-Harm: How do I stop cutting myself?Fri, Mar 14th 2008
Münchhausen Disorder 'biproxy' (by Proxy)Fri, Mar 7th 2008
What Are Some Coping Skills for Paranoia?Mon, Feb 25th 2008
How do I keep my conduct disordered step-son from molesting my children?Mon, Feb 18th 2008
Complicated grief has left me feeling numbFri, Feb 8th 2008
What to do when your therapist quits?Mon, Feb 4th 2008
Psych major wants to get her life back after being raped and attempting suicideMon, Jan 28th 2008
Highly Intelligent but Socially Handicapped: The Psychology of the NerdFri, Jan 18th 2008
Ritual Penance and Feelings of WorthlessnessMon, Jan 14th 2008
hearing voices, uncertain and scaredMon, Jan 7th 2008
how can I cope with what seems unbearable pain of loss upon death of my husbandFri, Dec 28th 2007
Rape victim who cuts and engages in BDSM to self-punish asks, 'Why am I like this?'Thu, Dec 20th 2007
Counter-Transference Issues?Thu, Dec 13th 2007
Child Pornography on the InternetTue, Dec 4th 2007
How can I help a grieving sister who is angry with me?Mon, Nov 26th 2007
Please explain how it is that psychopaths can manipulate people if they have no empathyTue, Nov 20th 2007
Depression TreatmentWed, Nov 14th 2007
Three different personality disordersWed, Nov 7th 2007
My younger brother is having spells of rageWed, Oct 31st 2007
A very low threshold for stress toleranceMon, Oct 22nd 2007
What treatments are available after you've tried the medicines of last resort?Mon, Oct 15th 2007
Death of both parentsSun, Sep 30th 2007
How to Help My Grieving Mother?Sun, Sep 23rd 2007
Sister's DeathMon, Sep 17th 2007
Adopted and dealing with Mother issuesTue, Sep 4th 2007
death of a dear friendMon, Aug 27th 2007
Are These Withdrawal Symptoms? (Prescription Drugs)Mon, Aug 13th 2007
My OCPD husband can't tolerate my 'flaws'Wed, Aug 8th 2007
Have DID: Getting Worse Not BetterWed, Aug 1st 2007
My husband won't take his medicineThu, Jul 26th 2007
Why can't I get gross images out of my head?Thu, Jul 26th 2007
Can we contact my mother's doctor?Mon, Jul 16th 2007
Weird Feelings Towards TherapistMon, Jul 9th 2007
anxiety or going crazy?Mon, Jun 25th 2007
visions of what could have beenWed, Jun 13th 2007
I think i'm lost?Mon, Jun 4th 2007
Don't want to take medsSun, May 27th 2007
OCD/ANXIETY while pregnantWed, May 16th 2007
Husband with erratic behaviorMon, May 7th 2007
Dissociative eventsSun, Apr 29th 2007
Possible borderline?Sun, Apr 22nd 2007
Looking at other women's breastsWed, Apr 11th 2007
TERRIFIED: Fading in and out of lost time. Possible DID?Mon, Apr 2nd 2007
Dealing with a family member's complete personality changeSun, Mar 25th 2007
Constant Counting DisorderSun, Mar 11th 2007
Asking a second time for boundaries to be respectedSat, Mar 3rd 2007
My fiancée left me because of my past porn useSun, Feb 25th 2007
What is the right path of action?Wed, Feb 14th 2007
What type of exams can proven that a person has bipolar disorder?Sat, Feb 3rd 2007
Coping with Narcissistic BehaviorSun, Jan 28th 2007
I am the product of a rapeWed, Jan 17th 2007
Is this Schizophrenia?Mon, Jan 8th 2007
Relationship Between Dissociation, DID and PTSDSun, Dec 31st 2006
Comunication between Dr.'sTue, Dec 19th 2006
i can't seem to get over any of thisFri, Dec 15th 2006
Is this OCD?Wed, Dec 6th 2006
Worried about my therapistSun, Dec 3rd 2006
Intrusive humiliating memoriesSun, Nov 26th 2006
Who is my wife?Fri, Nov 10th 2006
Is there some way to deal with depression without meds?Tue, Nov 7th 2006
bipolar and homosexualityMon, Oct 30th 2006
standing up for oneselfSun, Oct 22nd 2006
Am I a bulimic or not?Thu, Oct 19th 2006
Dissociative and unsure of what to doSun, Oct 15th 2006
I want a personality disorderWed, Oct 11th 2006
Asexuality?Wed, Oct 4th 2006
Transvestic Fetishism?Mon, Sep 25th 2006
losing personality wholnessFri, Sep 22nd 2006
What is the point of life?Tue, Sep 19th 2006
No change is normal mood (e.g., Depression)Sat, Sep 16th 2006
phobia regarding uncertaintyWed, Sep 13th 2006
Obsessed with running out of thingsSun, Sep 10th 2006
PantyhoseThu, Sep 7th 2006
Diagnosing DepressionMon, Sep 4th 2006
Does untreated depression pass on to a fetus?Wed, Aug 23rd 2006
Trusting health providersMon, Aug 14th 2006
Yoga help BipolarSat, Aug 12th 2006
mothers who sleep with their sonsTue, Aug 8th 2006
Habitual Liar? Or Something Worse?Wed, Aug 2nd 2006
Is it normal to have thoughts of a significant otherThu, Jul 27th 2006
Medication problemSat, Jul 22nd 2006
Possible Munchausen SyndromeFri, Jul 21st 2006
My Schizophrenic sister refuses treatmentTue, Jul 18th 2006
If I ate just one meal a day ...Wed, Jul 12th 2006
Regular thoughts of killing myselfWed, Jul 5th 2006
Is there a difference between abuse and trauma?Tue, Jun 27th 2006
Has the Medical Profession asked WHY ?Thu, Jun 22nd 2006
I choose victims to comfort meTue, Jun 20th 2006
What is your theoretical perspective?Fri, Jun 16th 2006
Can withdrawal from alcohol kill you?Wed, Jun 14th 2006
How do I help my depressed, unemployed motherThu, Jun 8th 2006
My Nephew Sees AngelsTue, Jun 6th 2006
Can mental illness cause physical pain?Fri, Jun 2nd 2006
How can I tell the difference?Tue, May 30th 2006
I become very hostile towards myselfTue, May 23rd 2006
My adult child has accused my husband of sexually abusing her...Tue, May 16th 2006
Parent of only oneWed, May 10th 2006
Why am I gay?Mon, May 8th 2006
Brother Not coping wellFri, May 5th 2006
Terrified I'll Do something Sexually InappropriateWed, May 3rd 2006
Is Something Wrong With Her?Mon, May 1st 2006
Need to find a reason for the abuseFri, Apr 28th 2006
Mom's Unlisted NumberWed, Apr 26th 2006
How can I stop using Porn?Fri, Apr 21st 2006
one year out and just starting to deal with griefTue, Apr 18th 2006
I'm a cutter and can't remember anythingTue, Apr 11th 2006
How Does Childhood Abuse Influence Adulthood?Mon, Apr 3rd 2006
A Habitual Liar's LamentFri, Mar 31st 2006
Do I Have OCD?Tue, Mar 28th 2006
Graduating TherapyTue, Mar 21st 2006
Is Bipolar Inheritable?Fri, Mar 17th 2006
Do environmental factors hold a person back?Fri, Mar 17th 2006
Never Had a RelationshipSun, Mar 12th 2006
Misdiagnosed and Lied ToMon, Mar 6th 2006
Tired of this DepressionWed, Mar 1st 2006
Two cases of likely paranoia ...Wed, Feb 8th 2006
Does thinking of suicide lead to suicide?Tue, Jan 31st 2006
Want To Make Love With My TherapistTue, Jan 17th 2006
Shy Rural StudentWed, Jan 4th 2006
Online GamesWed, Jan 4th 2006
I Sometimes CutWed, Jan 4th 2006
Drug Addict SonWed, Jan 4th 2006
Nursing Student's AnxietyWed, Jan 4th 2006
Am I A Pedophile?Tue, Dec 6th 2005
When To Ask For Suicide HelpTue, Dec 6th 2005
Poetry TherapyTue, Dec 6th 2005
Half BakedTue, Dec 6th 2005
Protecting Children From Their GrandmotherFri, Nov 4th 2005
I'm Afraid They Are Judging MeFri, Nov 4th 2005
Fear Of Remembering ThingsFri, Nov 4th 2005
How To Help My Jailed Alcoholic Son?Fri, Nov 4th 2005
Struggling With Feelings And ThoughtsFri, Nov 4th 2005
Physically Abusive Mentally Ill SonFri, Nov 4th 2005
i have always believed someone was watching meSun, Oct 2nd 2005
Dealing With General DiscontentSun, Oct 2nd 2005
Craving AttentionSun, Oct 2nd 2005
Elderly Histrionic MotherSun, Oct 2nd 2005
Angry MomSun, Oct 2nd 2005
Greatly DepressedWed, Aug 31st 2005
Hearing Impaired MusicianWed, Aug 31st 2005
Part Time Work and StressWed, Aug 31st 2005
They Never Find Anything WrongWed, Aug 31st 2005
Gay PornFri, Jul 29th 2005
Is Depression Getting More Prevalent?Fri, Jul 29th 2005
An Empty ShellFri, Jul 29th 2005
Obsessive Research AssistantTue, Jul 5th 2005
A Librarian in Illinois asks:Tue, Jul 5th 2005
Disordered Family Member BehaviorTue, Jul 5th 2005
What Is A 'Complex'?Tue, Jul 5th 2005
ExternalizationTue, May 31st 2005
Helping My HusbandTue, May 31st 2005
My RoommateTue, May 31st 2005
Compulsive SexSat, Apr 30th 2005
Requirements for HospitalizationSat, Apr 30th 2005
StalkedSat, Apr 30th 2005
AnxietyMon, Feb 28th 2005
I Wanna Be Thin!Mon, Feb 28th 2005
Inability To Express MyselfMon, Feb 28th 2005
PanicMon, Feb 28th 2005
AtivanMon, Jan 31st 2005
Longing For My SonMon, Jan 31st 2005
Stepson With Personality DisorderMon, Jan 31st 2005
Wading Through MudMon, Jan 31st 2005
Do I Have OCD?Fri, Jan 7th 2005
Living With PTSDFri, Jan 7th 2005
Out Of Control FriendFri, Jan 7th 2005
Seriously JealousFri, Jan 7th 2005
Compulsive Internet Porn UseThu, Dec 9th 2004
Hearing VoicesThu, Dec 9th 2004
Non-medication Help For DepressionThu, Dec 9th 2004
What Abuse Looks LikeThu, Dec 9th 2004
Bathroom PhobiaMon, Nov 1st 2004
Dissociative Identity ProblemMon, Nov 1st 2004
OCD And a Lying HusbandMon, Nov 1st 2004
Anxiety?Sun, Oct 3rd 2004
BulimicSun, Oct 3rd 2004
I RefuseSun, Oct 3rd 2004
Ms. DoubtfulSun, Oct 3rd 2004
Delusional FriendWed, Sep 1st 2004
Funding Treatment (Without Insurance)Wed, Sep 1st 2004
Getting Along With Narcissistic RelativesWed, Sep 1st 2004
Harassment AftermathWed, Sep 1st 2004
Mastery Of Anxiety And PanicWed, Sep 1st 2004
Possible OCDWed, Sep 1st 2004
Unethical CounselorWed, Sep 1st 2004
Possibly Molested DaughterMon, Aug 2nd 2004
Sick Of Feeling This WayMon, Aug 2nd 2004
Untrusting PatientMon, Aug 2nd 2004
Very Determined Panicker In The SouthMon, Aug 2nd 2004
Delusional FriendFri, Jul 2nd 2004
Dirty NieceFri, Jul 2nd 2004
Suicidal FriendFri, Jul 2nd 2004
Congenital LazinessTue, Jun 1st 2004
Lying About IllnessTue, Jun 1st 2004
Still SufferingTue, Jun 1st 2004
Bipolar ParentingTue, May 4th 2004
Heart of DarknessTue, May 4th 2004
Ocassional DelusionsTue, May 4th 2004
Panicking BoyfriendTue, May 4th 2004
Alternatives For Anxiety TreatmentThu, Apr 1st 2004
Blossoming Paranoia?Thu, Apr 1st 2004
In Love With A Diagnosed SociopathThu, Apr 1st 2004
Biological ProblemSun, Feb 29th 2004
How Can I Help My Friend?Sun, Feb 29th 2004
Is Anxiety A Hereditary Factor?Sun, Feb 29th 2004
Electroconvulsive TherapySat, Jan 31st 2004
Hypochondriac DaughterSat, Jan 31st 2004
Abusive FatherWed, Dec 31st 2003
Nine Gallons In Two WeeksWed, Dec 31st 2003
Going CrazySun, Nov 30th 2003
Health CoverageSun, Nov 30th 2003
Attachment DisorderThu, Oct 30th 2003
DesperateThu, Oct 30th 2003
Self-Abusive Step-DaughterThu, Oct 30th 2003
Unable To Keep Eye ContactThu, Oct 30th 2003
Cruel FriendThu, Jul 31st 2003
Odd Eating DisorderThu, Jul 31st 2003
Too Young For MedsThu, Jul 31st 2003
Why Do I Provoke A Negative Attitude In Others?Thu, Jul 31st 2003
(Wo)man In The MiddleWed, Jun 25th 2003
Depressed HusbandWed, Jun 25th 2003
GuiltyWed, Jun 25th 2003
Paranoid DepressionWed, Jun 25th 2003
Are Some Patients Hopeless?Wed, Apr 30th 2003
Attachment And TrustWed, Apr 30th 2003
StalkerWed, Apr 30th 2003
Three Million People In One SkinWed, Apr 30th 2003
Can ADHD Turn Into Bipolar?Mon, Mar 31st 2003
Drinking And Blacking OutMon, Mar 31st 2003
Is Bipolar Inheritable?Mon, Mar 31st 2003
Self-Harming Attention SeekerMon, Mar 31st 2003
Single, Stressed And GuiltyMon, Mar 31st 2003
Are Battered Women Mentally Ill?Mon, Mar 3rd 2003
Bipolar and Drinking...Mon, Mar 3rd 2003
Wild Mood SwingsMon, Mar 3rd 2003
Withdrawn BrotherMon, Mar 3rd 2003
A Sexual ProblemWed, Feb 5th 2003
Dysfunctional FamilyWed, Feb 5th 2003
How Can I Become Less Depressed?Wed, Feb 5th 2003
How Long To Diagnose ADHD?Wed, Feb 5th 2003
Why Isn't Drug Addiction Considered A Mental Illness?Wed, Feb 5th 2003
18, Sad and HopelessThu, Jan 2nd 2003
PickyThu, Jan 2nd 2003
PTSD Getting WorseThu, Jan 2nd 2003
Should I Continue With Therapy?Thu, Jan 2nd 2003
Childhood DepressionSat, Dec 14th 2002
In Love With My TherapistSat, Dec 14th 2002
One Side Of The StorySat, Dec 14th 2002
ParanoiaSat, Dec 14th 2002
Schizophrenia?Sat, Dec 14th 2002
Will I Have To Deal With PTSD For The Rest Of My Life?Sat, Dec 14th 2002
Would Problems Be Very Obvious?Sat, Dec 14th 2002
Do I Still Need Therapy If I'm Medicated?Wed, Nov 6th 2002
Feeling FragileWed, Nov 6th 2002
I'm 40 But Still Feel Like A Teenager When SexualWed, Nov 6th 2002
Is It Really Panic? And How Do We Get HelpWed, Nov 6th 2002
My Dead Mother Haunts My DreamsWed, Nov 6th 2002
My Mother Is Ruining My LifeWed, Nov 6th 2002
A Cure For Claustrophobia?Mon, Sep 30th 2002
Can I Help My Wife With Depression?Mon, Sep 30th 2002
Elder AnorexiaMon, Sep 30th 2002
Getting Paranoid And DelusionalMon, Sep 30th 2002
How To Treat Avoidant PersonalityMon, Sep 30th 2002
Prozac QuestionsMon, Sep 30th 2002
Approaching My Tightly Wound Depressed Attorney BrotherSun, Sep 8th 2002
Forced Hospitalization Didn't StickSun, Sep 8th 2002
Hope For An Alcoholic Manic-DepressiveSun, Sep 8th 2002
In Emotional DisrepairSun, Sep 8th 2002
Just Left My Abusive BoyfriendSun, Sep 8th 2002
Am I Paranoid?Thu, Aug 1st 2002
Brain Injury and DepressionThu, Aug 1st 2002
I Love My TherapistThu, Aug 1st 2002
Mental Illness vs. InsanityThu, Aug 1st 2002
MPD and HypnosisThu, Aug 1st 2002
Are Bipolars Abusive?Tue, Jun 4th 2002
I Don't Recall Any TraumaTue, Jun 4th 2002
Language Fluency EnvyTue, Jun 4th 2002
Recurrent DepressionTue, Jun 4th 2002
Treatment of TrichotillomaniaTue, Jun 4th 2002
Meds Don't Seem To Work So Now What?Thu, Feb 28th 2002
Panic AttacksThu, Feb 28th 2002
Perfectionistic SonThu, Feb 28th 2002
Racing ThoughtsThu, Feb 28th 2002
Reactive Attachment DisorderThu, Feb 28th 2002
Controlling HusbandThu, Jan 31st 2002
How Can I Help My Bipolar Wife?Thu, Jan 31st 2002
I Think He May Be GayThu, Jan 31st 2002
Pleasure-blindThu, Jan 31st 2002
PTSD and Night TerrorsThu, Jan 31st 2002
Do People Recover From Depression?Tue, Dec 25th 2001
Histrionic Sister-in-LawTue, Dec 25th 2001
How To Become EmpathicTue, Dec 25th 2001
Long-Distance SupportTue, Dec 25th 2001
Personality Disordered GrandmotherTue, Dec 25th 2001
Shy DancerTue, Dec 25th 2001
What Is A Delusion?Tue, Dec 25th 2001
Crying Is BehaviorWed, Oct 31st 2001
Definition Of Being BeatenWed, Oct 31st 2001
Early Experiences As Described By A Self-Diagnosed SchizoidWed, Oct 31st 2001
Med ConsultWed, Oct 31st 2001
Psychotic Ex-BoyfriendWed, Oct 31st 2001
Feeling Depressed and InsecureSun, Sep 30th 2001
Hallucinagenic MushroomsSun, Sep 30th 2001
My Therapist Doesn't Like MeSun, Sep 30th 2001
OCD And Behaviour ProblemsSun, Sep 30th 2001
Shyness And The Post Partum BluesSun, Sep 30th 2001
The Aftermath of AbuseSun, Sep 30th 2001
Antidepressants and Sexual DesireSun, Dec 31st 2000
Is This Depression?Sun, Dec 31st 2000
Now What?Sun, Dec 31st 2000
ParanoiaSun, Dec 31st 2000
What Is Wrong With Me?Sun, Dec 31st 2000
Psychotherapy Doesn't WorkThu, Dec 14th 2000
Am I Schizophrenic?Thu, Dec 14th 2000
Medicine Doesn't Work AnymoreThu, Dec 14th 2000
My Granddaughter Is Acting BizarrelyThu, Dec 14th 2000
ProcrastinationThu, Dec 14th 2000
Depressed HusbandThu, Nov 30th 2000
Father In RomaniaThu, Nov 30th 2000
KlonopinThu, Nov 30th 2000
Liar and KleptomaniacThu, Nov 30th 2000
Life Is UnfairThu, Nov 30th 2000
Schizoid(?) FriendThu, Nov 30th 2000
Sudden LossThu, Nov 30th 2000
The First TimeThu, Nov 30th 2000
Abusive WifeTue, Nov 14th 2000
How Do I Leave?Tue, Nov 14th 2000
It's Not The PillsTue, Nov 14th 2000
Recovering LiarTue, Nov 14th 2000
Alternative TreatmentTue, Oct 31st 2000
Bereavement and GriefTue, Oct 31st 2000
ExternalizationTue, Oct 31st 2000
How Does Childhood Affect Us?Tue, Oct 31st 2000
Lying FriendTue, Oct 31st 2000
How Do I Access Help?Tue, Oct 10th 2000
Marijuana?Tue, Oct 10th 2000
Paranoid BoyfriendTue, Oct 10th 2000
Possible Klonopin AddictionTue, Oct 10th 2000
Raging BullTue, Oct 10th 2000
The Goal of TherapyTue, Oct 10th 2000
Abusive TherapistThu, Aug 31st 2000
EncopresisThu, Aug 31st 2000
I'm Going CrazyThu, Aug 31st 2000
Worried About KlonopinThu, Aug 31st 2000
Paranoid DadMon, Jul 31st 2000
Talking DiceMon, Jul 31st 2000
Toxic ParentsMon, Jul 31st 2000
Trauma/TragedyMon, Jul 31st 2000
A Situation For Tough Love?Fri, Jul 14th 2000
Absent TherapistFri, Jul 14th 2000
Avoiding Her ParentsFri, Jul 14th 2000
ObsessionFri, Jul 14th 2000
Self-injurerFri, Jul 14th 2000
Suicide Threat Relationships (a long one)Fri, Jul 14th 2000
A Test For Bipolar Disorder?Fri, Jun 30th 2000
Depression Affects The Entire FamilyFri, Jun 30th 2000
How Can I Stop Depression From Recurring?Fri, Jun 30th 2000
Inner RageFri, Jun 30th 2000
Confidence ProblemWed, Jun 14th 2000
Crohn's Disorder Side EffectsWed, Jun 14th 2000
Is Paranoia A Destiny?Wed, Jun 14th 2000
OCD vs. OCPDWed, Jun 14th 2000
Sleep TalkerWed, Jun 14th 2000
Abusive HusbandWed, May 31st 2000
Can't Afford TherapyWed, May 31st 2000
Eating Disorder?Wed, May 31st 2000
Therapy for CuttersWed, May 31st 2000
Compulsive LyingSun, May 14th 2000
Depakote?Sun, May 14th 2000
Did I Cause My Daughter's Depression?Sun, May 14th 2000
Driving PhobiaSun, May 14th 2000
Post-Drinking DepressionSun, May 14th 2000
Security Clearance and DepressionSun, May 14th 2000
StalkerSun, May 14th 2000
UnrealitySun, May 14th 2000
I Can't Tell a LieSun, Apr 30th 2000
IndecisiveSun, Apr 30th 2000
ProcrastinationSun, Apr 30th 2000
Unexpressive PartnerSun, Apr 30th 2000
Can I Inherit Depression?Fri, Apr 14th 2000
Checking-OutFri, Apr 14th 2000
Deep Feelings of SuicideFri, Apr 14th 2000
Self-MedicationFri, Apr 14th 2000
Two CliniciansFri, Apr 14th 2000
Abuse and TraumaFri, Mar 31st 2000
Agoraphobia?Fri, Mar 31st 2000
BlushingFri, Mar 31st 2000
Public MenaceFri, Mar 31st 2000
Somatization and HypochondriasFri, Mar 31st 2000
Treatment is Too Much TroubleFri, Mar 31st 2000
De-RealizedTue, Mar 14th 2000
Dependent HusbandTue, Mar 14th 2000
More Than One Personality Disorder?Tue, Mar 14th 2000
Perfectionist HusbandTue, Mar 14th 2000
Self-Injuring SisterTue, Mar 14th 2000
What Does GAF Stand For?Tue, Mar 14th 2000
Depression 101Tue, Feb 29th 2000
Paranoia?Tue, Feb 29th 2000
Social FearTue, Feb 29th 2000
What is ECT?Tue, Feb 29th 2000
Bipolar IllnessMon, Feb 14th 2000
Fighting StigmaMon, Feb 14th 2000
Hypnosis?Mon, Feb 14th 2000
Obsessional ManMon, Feb 14th 2000
Self-InjuryMon, Feb 14th 2000
Self-Punishing SonMon, Feb 14th 2000
Terminal ProcrastinatorMon, Feb 14th 2000
A Cure For Anxiety?Mon, Jan 31st 2000
Body NumbnessMon, Jan 31st 2000
Can't Stop Taking Dr. Prescribed PillsMon, Jan 31st 2000
HMO BluesMon, Jan 31st 2000
Problem ChildMon, Jan 31st 2000
Finding a TherapistFri, Jan 14th 2000
Helping Someone with Bipolar DisorderFri, Jan 14th 2000
Panic AttacksFri, Jan 14th 2000
What's the Diagnosis?Fri, Jan 14th 2000
Cyclical MoodsTue, Dec 14th 1999
I'm a LoserTue, Dec 14th 1999
The Aftermath of SuicideTue, Dec 14th 1999
Toxic PeopleTue, Dec 14th 1999
Are These Just Mood SwingsTue, Nov 30th 1999
Help Yourself by Helping OthersTue, Nov 30th 1999
Poly-addiction?Tue, Nov 30th 1999
Public DisplayTue, Nov 30th 1999
Was I Sexually Abused?Tue, Nov 30th 1999
CuttingSun, Nov 14th 1999
Drinking. . .Sun, Nov 14th 1999
Fear of DrivingSun, Nov 14th 1999
Pathological LyingSun, Nov 14th 1999
Public Health Care InsuranceSun, Nov 14th 1999
A Mother Struggles with DepressionSun, Oct 31st 1999
Healthy SadnessSun, Oct 31st 1999
How Can I Help My Friend?Sun, Oct 31st 1999
Marijuana and DepressionSun, Oct 31st 1999
Overburdened MomSun, Oct 31st 1999
Protectionist TherapistSun, Oct 31st 1999
Shy GuySun, Oct 31st 1999
A Recent LossFri, Oct 15th 1999
Ethics QuestionFri, Oct 15th 1999
For The Health Class In AustraliaFri, Oct 15th 1999
Nose ProblemFri, Oct 15th 1999
Sex and IntimacyFri, Oct 15th 1999
Trashed HouseFri, Oct 15th 1999
Wealth EnvyFri, Oct 15th 1999
Anxiety?Sun, Sep 26th 1999
Beautiful DreamerSun, Sep 26th 1999
Chaotic Family LifeSun, Sep 26th 1999
Low Self-EsteemSun, Sep 26th 1999
PMS WoesSun, Sep 26th 1999
Severely DepressedSun, Sep 26th 1999
How Do I Find Help?Tue, Aug 31st 1999
Intimacy IssuesTue, Aug 31st 1999
Memory ProblemsTue, Aug 31st 1999
Social AnxietyTue, Aug 31st 1999
What To Treat First?Tue, Aug 31st 1999