24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (877)SAFEGBC or (877)723-3422 Mental Health & Substance Abuse Issues

6502 Nursery Drive, Suite 100
Victoria, TX 77904
Fax: (361)578-5500

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"Su Familia" Hotline
National Alliance for Hispanic Health
This mission of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health is to improve the health and well being of Hispanics by informing and mobilizing consumers, support health and human service providers in the delivery of quality care, improving the science base for accurate decision making by promoting better and more inclusive research, promoting appropriate use of technology, insuring accountability and advocating on behalf of Hispanics, and promote philanthropy. In addition to the website which offers health information and fact sheets, community resources, and advocacy information, the organization also offers a free health hotline at 866-783-2645; prenatal 800-504-7081
http://www.hispanichealth.org/ - Jan 6th 2010 - KP
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