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More TV, Tablets, More Attention Issues at Age 5 - 2019-04-17
"Five-year-olds who spend more than two hours a day in front of a smartphone or tablet may be at risk of attention problems, a new study suggests." More

Financial Scammers Often Prey on People With Early Dementia - 2019-04-15
"When older adults fall prey to scam artists, it might in some cases be an early warning of Alzheimer's disease, a new study suggests." More

Get Back to Nature to Put Stress at Bay - 2019-04-13
"A small daily dose of nature may be the perfect prescription for stress." More

AHA News: Is Yoga Heart-Healthy? It's No Stretch to See Benefits, Science Suggests - 2019-04-12
"Some studies suggest the mind-body practice may be good for heart health, from reducing blood pressure and cholesterol to lowering stress and body mass index." More

Could Treating Gut Bacteria Help Ease Autism Symptoms? - 2019-04-12
"Scientists suspect that your gut microbiome -- the mix of bacteria that inhabit your intestines -- affects your health in many ways, but a surprising new finding suggests that a healthy microbiome may even ease the symptoms of autism." More

More Alzheimer's Drug Trial Failures: Are Researchers on the Wrong Track? - 2019-04-10
"Drug trials aimed at lowering amyloid levels have repeatedly failed to save people's brains, and some researchers now believe the focus needs to shift to other potential culprits." More

Migraine Pain Linked to Raised Suicide Risk - 2019-04-10
"People with migraine may be much more likely to attempt suicide than others, a new study suggests." More

Don't Suddenly Stop Taking a Prescribed Opioid, FDA Warns - 2019-04-10
"Because of the danger of "serious harm" to patients, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising doctors not to suddenly stop patients from taking opioid painkillers, or drastically lower the dose." More

Good Sleep a Must for Teens With ADHD - 2019-04-09
"Teenagers tend to shortchange themselves on sleep, but when they have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), that can really hamper their thinking skills, researchers say." More

Suicide Rates Fall When States Raise Minimum Wage: Study - 2019-04-09
"The link between paychecks and mental health just got a little stronger." More

Insurers' Denials of Opioid Coverage Spurs CDC to Clarify Guidelines - 2019-04-09
"People with severe pain from cancer or sickle cell anemia should not be denied coverage for opioid painkillers, a new clarification on federal guidelines states." More

Dietary Supplements Do Nothing for You: Study - 2019-04-08
"If you're popping dietary supplements in the hope of living longer, a large new study suggests you'd be better off investing that money in nutritious foods." More

Suicidal Behavior Nearly Doubles Among U.S. Kids - 2019-04-08
"Suicide attempts and talk about suicide are rising alarmingly among America's kids, with emergency departments seeing a near doubling of cases over less than a decade, a new study reveals." More

Gum Disease Shows Possible Links to Alzheimer's - 2019-04-08
"The bacteria involved in gum disease might play a key role in the development of Alzheimer's disease, new research suggests." More

Health Tip: When to Cut Down on Caffeine - 2019-04-05
"However, relying too much on caffeine can cause unpleasant side effects such as migraines, stomach aches and irritability, says Mayo Clinic." More

468 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)