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Physical Therapy Can Help You Avoid Opioids When Joint Pain Strikes - 2018-12-14
"People who get prompt physical therapy for pain in the knee, shoulder or lower back may have less need for opioid painkillers, new research suggests." More

California Farm Implicated in Outbreak of E. coli Tied to Romaine Lettuce - 2018-12-13
" Federal health investigators said Thursday that they've pinpointed at least one California farm implicated in the recent outbreak of E. coli illness tied to romaine lettuce, but they added that more farms are probably connected." More

Research on Almost 2,000 Brains Brings Insight Into Mental Illness - 2018-12-13
"Researchers say a massive genetic analysis of the human brain has yielded new insights into the underpinnings of psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and autism." More

Can Alzheimer's Be Spread? Mouse Study Hints It's Possible - 2018-12-13
"A brain protein linked to Alzheimer's disease might potentially be transmitted to people during neurological procedures, a new preliminary study suggests." More

Eczema Can Drive People to Thoughts of Suicide: Study - 2018-12-12
"Nearly 28 million Americans are affected by the skin condition eczema, and for some it may become so chronic and severe they consider suicide, new research shows." More

Hospitalizations Rising Among the Homeless - 2018-12-11
"On any given night in America, more than 550,000 people are homeless, and they are being hospitalized in greater numbers, a new study suggests." More

Autism, ADHD in One Child Tied to Raised Risk in Siblings - 2018-12-10
"Autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are so closely linked that they not only run in families, but each increases the risk of the other in future siblings, a new study finds." More

Nagging Low Back Pain? Try Mindfulness - 2018-12-10
"Research has shown that mind-body practices can help. These include yoga and cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, which teaches you how to change certain thoughts and behaviors, which are factors involved in sensing pain." More

Family, School Support May Help Stop Bullies in Their Tracks - 2018-12-07
"Children with strong family ties and school support are more likely to try to stop bullying when they see it, new research suggests." More

More Are Seeking Mental Health Care, But Not Always Those Who Need It Most - 2018-12-07
"About one-third of people with serious distress -- signs of depression, anxiety or deeper mental problems -- do not get the care they need, according to the study." More

Millions of Americans Still Breathing Secondhand Smoke: Report - 2018-12-06
"Despite three decades of declines in secondhand smoke exposure, 58 million Americans -- children included -- are still breathing in tobacco fumes, federal health officials reported Thursday." More

Many Americans Unaware of Promise of Targeted, 'Personalized' Medicine: Poll - 2018-12-06
"Medical science has made tremendous advances in "personalized medicine" -- drugs that fight cancer and other diseases by boosting the immune system or targeting specific genetic traits." More

Opioids Plus Other Drugs a Deadly Mix for Heavy Users - 2018-12-05
"One in four long-term users of opioid painkillers may be at risk for overdose because of overlapping prescriptions for other drugs, researchers report." More

Infections in the Young May Be Tied to Risk for Mental Illness: Study - 2018-12-05
"Could an infection make your child or teen prone to mental health issues?" More

Health Tip: Manage Pain With Opioids - 2018-12-05
"Opioids are often used to treat pain, but they are highly addictive. Every day, more than 100 Americans die from an opioid overdose, the agency says." More

551 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)