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One-Third of Lung Cancer Patients Battle Depression: Study - 2019-12-09
"Depression is common among lung cancer patients and can damage their quality of life and treatment outcomes, a new study indicates." More

Additives to E-Cigarettes May Be Upping Health Dangers - 2019-12-09
"Natural compounds added to marijuana-derived vaping liquid produce toxic chemicals in the vapor that users inhale, a new lab study reports." More

FDA Testing Levels of Carcinogen in Diabetes Drug Metformin - 2019-12-06
"Levels of possible cancer-causing chemicals in metformin diabetes medications are under investigation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration." More

Health Tip: Managing ADHD in Adults - 2019-12-06
"About 4 percent of adults have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), says Harvard University Medical School. " More

Health Tip: Heart-Smart Approaches to Relationship Stress - 2019-12-06
"Arguing with a partner or feeling anxious about meeting the in-laws can induce stress. When these strains are intense or prolonged, your heart can suffer, says Johns Hopkins Medicine." More

All 50 States Now Reporting Cases of Severe Vaping-Linked Lung Injury - 2019-12-05
"Cases of a serious, sometimes fatal, form of lung injury tied to vaping have now been reported in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands." More

Vaping May Have Triggered Lung Illness Typically Only Seen in Metalworkers - 2019-12-05
"A lung disease that normally strikes in the workplace has been linked to vaping in a new report." More

Another Downside to Vaping: Higher Odds for Depression - 2019-12-04
"Vaping, already linked to lung damage, may also have harmful psychological effects, a new study suggests." More

Health Tip: 4-7-8 Breath Relaxation Exercise - 2019-12-04
"Breathing exercises can help you relax and manage stress, says the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. The center suggests using the 4-7-8 breath exercise:" More

Health Tip: Using American Ginseng - 2019-12-04
"American ginseng is an herb that people take by mouth as a stimulant, to reduce stress, or to boost the immune system, says MedlinePlus." More

Could a Concussion Raise a Teen Athlete's Suicide Risk? - 2019-12-02
"High school athletes who suffer repeated concussions may be at heightened risk for suicide, Texas researchers report." More

Another Possible Effect of Climate Change: More Preemie Babies - 2019-12-02
"Rising temperatures might help trigger premature birth, a new study finds, suggesting that global warming could deliver more "preemie" babies." More

Dreams Are Training Ground for Fearful Real-Life Situations - 2019-12-01
"Bad dreams can help people react better to frightening situations when they're awake, a finding that could lead to dream-based therapies for anxiety, Swiss researchers say." More

How to Prevent Holiday Headaches - 2019-11-30
"The holiday season can give you real headaches, but you can take action to prevent them, an expert says." More

U.S. Poison Centers Field More Calls About Psychoactive Substances: Study - 2019-11-27
"Exposure to natural substances with psychoactive effects -- including marijuana, kratom, magic mushrooms and nutmeg -- triggered more than 67,300 calls to U.S. Poison Control Centers over nearly two decades." More

481 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)