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Marijuana Use Tied to Higher Odds for Thoughts of Suicide - 2021-06-22
"Young adults who use marijuana appear to have an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide, according to a new study from the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)." More

AHA News: New Psychotherapy May Reduce Anxiety, Depression in Heart Patients - 2021-06-21
"A type of psychotherapy that changes how people regulate thinking patterns may reduce anxiety and depression for people recovering from heart problems, new research shows." More

5 Tests You Should Not Order for a Child With Autism - 2021-06-21
"The council offered a list of five things doctors and patients should question in evaluating tests for kids with behavioral or developmental disorders, including autism. " More

Drinking Rose During Pandemic, Especially for Women & Black Americans - 2021-06-21
"It might have seemed harmless to while away hours stuck at home during the pandemic with extra wine and cocktails. But new research instead points to a troubling trend: Alcohol use and risky drinking rose among Americans over the last year." More

Dads of 'Preemie' Babies Can Be Hit by Depression - 2021-06-18
"Postpartum depression strikes fathers of premature babies more often than previously thought, and it can linger longer in fathers than in mothers, a new study finds." More

Hospitals: One Reason COVID Is More Lethal for Black Americans - 2021-06-18
""Our study reveals that Black patients have worse outcomes largely because they tend to go to worse-performing hospitals," said study co-author Dr. David Asch." More

Could Fish Oil Supplements Help Fight Depression? - 2021-06-18
"Fish oil supplements are often touted as good for your heart health, but a new study finds they may also help fight depression." More

Red Cross Warns of Severe Blood Shortage - 2021-06-17
"There's a severe blood shortage in the United States due to a recent surge in trauma cases, organ transplants and elective surgeries, the American Red Cross says." More

Treating Teachers' Depression Could Boost Young Students' Grades: Study - 2021-06-16
"When depression strikes teachers, they can suffer mightily, but a new study suggests their students' ability to learn might also be harmed." More

What Works Best to Ease Migraines? - 2021-06-16
"In an analysis of over 100 published studies, researchers found that several drug classes showed good evidence they ease the pain of a migraine-in-progress." More

Could a Type of Statin Raise Dementia Risks? - 2021-06-15
"Certain cholesterol-lowering drugs might speed dementia in some older adults whose memories are starting to fail, a small, preliminary study suggests." More

Many U.S. Mass Shooters Had Untreated Mental Illness: Study - 2021-06-15
"A new study finds that many mass shooters in America suffered from a mental illness that wasn't being treated when they committed their crime." More

Doctors May Be Overprescribing Opioids After Surgeries - 2021-06-14
"Many patients who are prescribed opioids after surgery could get the same level of pain relief with non-opioid alternatives such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen without the risk of addiction, researchers say." More

Gun Suicides Are Rising Steeply Among American Youth - 2021-06-14
"A rising number of young Americans, including children, are taking their own lives using firearms, a new study finds." More

Good News, Bad News From Alzheimer's Vaccine Trial - 2021-06-14
"An experimental Alzheimer's vaccine appears to safely clear abnormal tau protein from the brain, but it's not yet clear whether the shot will be able to save brain function." More

397 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)