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High-Profile Police Brutality Cases Harm Black Americans' Mental Health: Study - 2021-04-20
"Researchers found that, on average, Black Americans reported an increase in "poor mental health days" during weeks where more than one deadly racial incident was in the news." More

Epidural in Delivery Not Linked to Autism: Study - 2021-04-19
"In news that should reassure many pregnant women, having an epidural during childbirth won't increase the child's risk of autism, researchers report." More

Hormone Treatments May Raise Blood Pressure in Transgender People - 2021-04-19
"Monitoring blood pressure is important for transgender people, according to new research, which found changes in systolic blood pressure after the start of gender-affirming hormone therapy." More

Pandemic Stress Keeps Many From Exercising - 2021-04-19
"Exercise can provide a much-needed mental health boost during the COVID-19 pandemic. But stress and anxiety may hold you back, new research suggests." More

Americans Still Avoiding ERs in Pandemic, But Uptick Seen in Mental Health Crises - 2021-04-16
"While ER visits have stayed below normal levels as the coronavirus pandemic continues, the number of people showing up in the emergency department with mental woes is increasing, new federal government data shows." More

CDC Panel Says It Needs More Time to Study J&J Vaccine Clotting Cases - 2021-04-15
"On Wednesday, advisers to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention held an emergency meeting to look at the evidence and decided they did not have enough information or time to recommend how to proceed and they would meet again within 10 days, the Associated Press reported." More

AHA News: 5 Things to Know This Earth Day About How the Environment Affects Health - 2021-04-14
"Earth Day on April 22 puts a spotlight on the planet's health -- which, doctors say, is closely tied to your own." More

Research Shows Links Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer's - 2021-04-14
"The mouth is home to both harmful bacteria that promote inflammation and healthy, protective bacteria, the study authors explained." More

No Rise in Global Suicide Rate in First Months of Pandemic - 2021-04-14
"Suicides did not rise in wealthier nations early in the COVID pandemic, but continued monitoring of long-term mental health and economic effects is needed, a new study says." More

Kids With Autism Can Really Benefit From Exercise - 2021-04-09
"Being active is good for most everyone, and new studies now show it can help kids with autism manage common behavioral issues." More

Pandemic Has Put Many Clinical Trials on Hold - 2021-04-09
"Fewer clinical trials are being completed during the pandemic, which experts say could affect medical research for decades to come." More

Stressed, Exhausted: Frontline Workers Faced Big Mental Strain in Pandemic - 2021-04-09
"Doctors, nurses and other frontline health workers in U.S. emergency departments have struggled with significant mental health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new poll reveals." More

Assisted Living Centers Can Do More for Dementia Patients, Experts Say - 2021-04-08
"U.S. assisted living facilities often have activities to keep seniors socially engaged -- but a new study says they need to ensure that residents with dementia are not left out." More

College Can Really Ramp Up Stress for People With ADHD - 2021-04-08
"College is far more stressful for undergrads with ADHD than for their classmates, but it doesn't have to defeat them." More

'Heart-in-a-Box' Can Be Lifesaving, Matching Up Distant Donors With Patients - 2021-04-08
"TransMedics' Organ Care System, nicknamed Heart-in-a-Box, allows organs to live outside of bodies for a longer period of time, meaning hospitals can scout a larger geographic radius for possible donors." More

398 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)