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Do You Take Warfarin? Time of Day Might Not Matter - 2020-01-17
"Patients taking the blood thinner warfarin have been told that it should be taken at night, but a new study found the time of day doesn't matter." More

Virtual Reality Can Bring Real-Life Pain - 2020-01-16
"From carpal tunnel to a stiff neck, too much time on the computer can cause a slew of health problems. But what if you ditch the keyboard and mouse for virtual reality?" More

Are Doctors Discarding 'Injured' Kidneys That Might Be Used for Transplant? - 2020-01-16
"Many of the donor kidneys that are discarded each year in the United States could instead be effectively transplanted, a large new study suggests." More

Nerve Stimulation Therapy Could Cut Fibromyalgia Pain - 2020-01-16
"For people with the mysterious chronic pain condition fibromyalgia, researchers say nerve stimulation may offer some relief." More

Trauma of Miscarriage May Trigger PTSD - 2020-01-15
"Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) isn't confined to soldiers on the battlefield; it can happen to anyone after a traumatic event -- including pregnancy loss." More

Probiotics: Don't Buy the Online Hype - 2020-01-15
"any people turn to the internet with health questions, but how reliable is the information you find? When it comes to probiotics, a new study urges caution." More

1 in 4 Children With Autism Is Undiagnosed: Study - 2020-01-14
"Far too many U.S. children with autism are waiting too long for a diagnosis, new research shows, and those delays can greatly affect their quality of life." More

Good News for People with Persistent Anxiety - 2020-01-14
"A diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder need not be a life sentence, a large Canadian study suggests." More

More Studies Link Vaping to Asthma, COPD - 2020-01-14
"Lung illnesses and deaths from vaping have been grabbing headlines for months, and now two new studies offer fresh evidence pointing to long-term respiratory concerns." More

Health Tip: Healthier Ways to Use Social Media - 2020-01-13
"While social media is a great way to stay connected to friends and get information, it can also take a toll on mental health, the hospital says." More

Two More Heartburn Meds Recalled Due to Possible Carcinogen - 2020-01-10
"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is adding to a list of recalled lots of popular heartburn medications -- including generic forms of Zantac -- because the pills might contain small amounts of a suspected carcinogen." More

Veterans' Study Shows Genetic Origins of Anxiety - 2020-01-10
"New research involving the DNA of 200,000 U.S. veterans suggests that there really is such a thing as a "worry gene."" More

Even 1 Night's Bad Sleep Can Raise Levels of a Brain 'Marker' for Alzheimer's - 2020-01-08
"Poor sleep has been linked to the development of dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and now a new study suggests a possible reason why." More

AHA News: Worried About Dementia? Check This Blood Pressure Number - 2020-01-08
"The top number on a blood pressure test is widely viewed as the best gauge of a person's overall risk for heart disease. But the bottom number could be important when it comes to evaluating the chance of a person having scars on their brain that could be an indicator for dementia, stroke or falls." More

Would Tighter Swimming Rules at Public Beaches, Lakes and Rivers Save Lives? - 2020-01-07
"Drowning death rates at public beaches, lakes and rivers are three to four times lower in states with tighter rules for swimming in such locations, a new U.S. study finds." More

482 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)