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How Moving the Homeless to Hotels During the Pandemic Helps Everyone - 2021-03-05
"Giving homeless COVID-19 patients a free hotel room for their quarantine and recovery pays huge health dividends for the entire community, according to a new study out of San Francisco." More

Formaldehyde in Hair Straighteners Prompts FDA Warning - 2021-03-05
"You might decide your frizzy locks aren't so bad after all, given a new warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that most hair straightening/smoothing products release formaldehyde gas, a human carcinogen." More

College Students With ADHD Have Lower Grades, Higher Dropout Rates - 2021-03-03
"College students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have a harder time making it to graduation than their peers do, a new study suggests." More

Could ADHD Raise Odds for More Serious Psychiatric Ills? - 2021-03-02
"As if attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) isn't already tough on a child, new research suggests the condition might also raise the odds for a psychotic disorder later in life." More

Strep Throat Doesn't Worsen Tourette But May Affect ADHD: Study - 2021-03-02
"But it did find an association between strep infection and increased hyperactivity and impulsiveness among kids with ADHD." More

Many Blacks, Hispanics Believe They'll Get Worse Care If Dementia Strikes - 2021-03-02
"Black and Hispanic Americans already face higher risks for dementia than the general population. Many also believe they'd get worse dementia care compared to white patients, according to a new Alzheimer's Association special report." More

Common Antidepressants Won't Raise Risk for Bleeding Strokes: Study - 2021-02-26
"The most widely prescribed antidepressants in the United States don't appear to increase the risk of the deadliest type of stroke, according to a new preliminary study." More

Pandemic Is Hitting Hospitals Hard, Including Their Bottom Line - 2021-02-26
"U.S. hospitals are expected to lose billions again in 2021, leaving them in dire financial shape as the COVID-19 pandemic guts the industry for a second year." More

Mental Health 'Epidemic' Threatens Communities of Color Amid COVID-19 - 2021-02-26
"Communities of color face a burgeoning wave of mental health problems as a result of how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people interact and grieve, experts warn." More

AHA News: Why Experts Say a Good Mood Can Lead to Good Health - 2021-02-25
"Studies show negative emotions- including anger, hostility and pessimism - are linked to a higher risk of heart disease and lower chance of recovery from events such as heart attacks, as well as poorer cognitive health. " More

Alzheimer's May Strike Women and Men in Different Ways - 2021-02-25
"The ravages of Alzheimer's may strike later in women than men, but once it takes hold women tend to deteriorate far faster than men, according to a new study." More

Mental Illness Not a Factor in Most Mass Shootings - 2021-02-25
"Contrary to what many believe, a new study finds that mental illness isn't a factor in most mass shootings or other types of mass murder." More

History of Mental Illness Tied to Earlier Onset of Alzheimer's Disease - 2021-02-25
"People with Alzheimer's disease often have a history of depression or anxiety, which might mean an earlier emergence of memory and thinking problems, a preliminary study suggests." More

AHA News: Black, Hispanic Families Hit Hardest by Dementia - 2021-02-23
"While dementia risk in the United States has been relatively stable over the past two decades, racial disparities have remained high, according to research published last year in JAMA Neurology. " More

Why Some 'Super Ager' Folks Keep Their Minds Dementia-Free - 2021-02-23
"Researchers may have uncovered a key reason some people remain sharp as a tack into their 80s and 90s: Their brains resist the buildup of certain proteins that mark Alzheimer's disease." More

403 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)