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Common Blood Pressure Med Might Help Fight Alzheimer's - 2019-06-17
"Treatment with blood pressure medication can improve blood flow to a key brain region in people with Alzheimer's disease, a small clinical trial has found." More

Education, Intelligence Might Protect Your Brain - 2019-06-14
"Being smart and highly educated may not prevent Alzheimer's disease, but it appears to delay the disease's impact on everyday life, a new study suggests." More

Epilepsy DrugTied to Higher Risk of Suicidal Behavior in Young Users - 2019-06-13
"A new study supports the notion that a drug used to control epilepsy and other disorders could make some young people more prone to suicide." More

Drug ODs, Suicides Soaring Among Millennials: Report - 2019-06-13
"So-called "deaths of despair" are skyrocketing among millennials, with thousands of 18- to 34-year-olds losing their lives to drugs, alcohol and suicide each year, a new report says." More

Workouts: A Prescription to Ease Severe Chronic Anxiety? - 2019-06-13
"Everyone experiences anxious moments now and then. But for those with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), the worry is frequent and overwhelming, often interfering with everyday activities." More

Nearly 1 in 4 Home Care Aides Faces Verbal Abuse - 2019-06-12
"Being yelled at or insulted is never easy. But it's a situation faced by about one-quarter of U.S. home health care workers, a new study finds." More

1 in 5 People Living in Conflict Areas Has a Mental Health Problem - 2019-06-12
"About 22% of people who live in conflict areas suffer from mental health problems, a new study review finds." More

One Simple Food Substitution Might Help Save the Planet - 2019-06-10
"One simple change in your diet -- replacing beef with poultry -- could go a long way toward curbing climate change, research shows." More

AHA News: 3 Simple Steps Could Save 94 Million Lives Worldwide - 2019-06-10
"Doing three relatively easy things could help save 94.3 million people around the world from premature deaths caused by cardiovascular disease, new research suggests." More

Race Affects Life Expectancy in Major U.S. Cities - 2019-06-10
"Fifty-six of America's 500 biggest cities have major gaps in life expectancy between neighborhoods, a new study reveals." More

Soldiers' Odds for Suicide Quadruple When Loaded Gun at Home - 2019-06-07
"Owning their own firearm, carrying it in public and keeping it loaded in the home: These three factors are each tied to a fourfold rise in the likelihood that a U.S. soldier will take his or her own life, a new report finds." More

Opioids Put Alzheimer's Patients at Risk of Pneumonia: Study - 2019-06-07
"People with Alzheimer's disease who take opioid painkillers are more likely to develop pneumonia, Finnish researchers report." More

Feeling Stressed? Then Your Dog Probably Feels Stressed, Too - 2019-06-07
"This dog-eat-dog world got you feeling anxious? If so, your canine companion probably feels the same way, new research shows." More

Sheep Study Shows a Stuffy Side Effect of Vaping - 2019-06-07
"Got a stuffy nose? If you vape, that might be why." More

For Some, Trouble Tracking Finances Could Be Sign of Dementia - 2019-06-05
"If someone you know is struggling to keep track of their finances as they age, early dementia might be the culprit." More

435 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)