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Women's Mid-Life Stress Might Have Long-Term Effect on Memory - 2019-08-20
"Stressful experiences in middle age are associated with greater memory loss among women later in life, but this link is not found in men, a new study says." More

Vaping Constricts Blood Vessels, Raising Heart, Lung Concerns - 2019-08-20
"Add another health risk to the use of e-cigarettes: New research shows that vaping instantly stiffens and tightens your blood vessels." More

When Does Heart Health Return to Normal After Quitting Smoking? - 2019-08-20
"When you stop smoking, your heart starts to rebound right away, but a full recovery can take as long as 15 years, a new study suggests." More

Could Dirty Air Spur a Rise in Serious Mental Illness? - 2019-08-20
"As air quality declines, the prevalence of mental health conditions may rise, a large, new study suggests." More

How to Protect a Loved One With Dementia During a Heat Wave - 2019-08-19
"Heat waves can pose a serious risk to people with Alzheimer's disease, so their families should know how to keep them safe, advocates say." More

The 4 Keys to Emotional Well-Being - 2019-08-19
"If you're satisfied with your life, you probably have emotional well-being." More

Many Parents Would Switch Doctors Over Vaccination Policy, Poll Finds - 2019-08-19
"Forty percent of U.S. parents say they would likely find a new doctor if their child's primary care provider sees families who refuse childhood vaccines, a nationwide poll finds." More

Exercise Your Blues Away - 2019-08-16
"Exercise is good medicine for depression, researchers report." More

Pot Poisonings Among Kids, Teens Double After Medical Marijuana Law Passed - 2019-08-16
"Pot-related poisoning calls involving kids and teens more than doubled in Massachusetts after the state legalized medical marijuana, a new study reports." More

Many Doctors Refusing Care of People Prescribed Opioids - 2019-08-15
"Folks taking opioids for chronic pain may run into trouble if they need to find a new doctor." More

Fewer Opioid Painkillers Can Still Control Surgery Pain - 2019-08-14
"Surgery patients can routinely be prescribed fewer opioid pills -- even just a handful -- without sacrificing their pain relief." More

Scientists Uncover More Autism Genes - 2019-08-13
"In a finding that underscores the major role genetics plays in autism risk, researchers report they have identified 16 new genes linked to the developmental disorder." More

ADHD Meds May Alter Boys' Brains - 2019-08-13
"One of the most popular and effective medications used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to alter the brains of boys with the disorder, a new study shows." More

AHA News: Younger Stroke Survivors More At Risk For Anxiety - 2019-08-13
"Anxiety is more than twice as common in younger stroke survivors, especially those who show symptoms of depression, than in older patients, according to a new study that recommends routine mental health screenings for survivors of all ages." More

Too Much Napping May Signal Alzheimer's - 2019-08-12
"If you often find yourself dosing off during the day, new research suggests it might be an early warning sign that you have Alzheimer's disease." More

426 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)