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Anger Management
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Taking Charge of Anger
This article for children explains what anger is, how to recognize it in yourself and others, and gives tips for handling it properly.

Learning to Use Anger Constructively
Adam Blatner, M.D.
This article presents an interesting look at anger. The author proposes that there are 7 types of anger and believes that people take on different roles to express that anger. By recognizing those roles, a person can learn to better resolve anger that arises in their daily life.

Helping Young Children Deal with Anger
This article looks at the children's anger and the challenges to teachers committed to constructive, ethical, and effective child guidance. It explores what is known about the components of children's anger, factors contributing to understanding and managing anger, and the ways teachers can guide children's expressions of anger.

A Guide to Psychology and Its Practice: Anger
Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.
This article examines what anger is and steps that can be taken to better deal with it. It also looks at the psychological and cultural history of anger and how psychology can help to manage anger.

Controlling Anger Before It Controls You
APA article