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Stress Reduction and Management
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Stressbusting UK
Stressbusting UK
Stressbusting.co.uk is about stress and how to beat it. It provides a wide range of information about stress symptoms, therapies and relief, plus stress news and special features. The information is very easy to understand and often presented in the form of tip sheets with steps that can be taken to reduce stress in a particular area of life.

Stress Management UK
Stress Management UK
This online resource centre was developed to help people cope with their stress, anxiety and stressful situations. While part of the site is devoted to selling their stress class, the information tab contains a strong collection of articles about stress and its effects that is worth checking out.

Mayo Clinic Stress Management Center
Mayo Clinic
This center provides a basic overview of stress management, including stress relief and relaxation techniques.

Stress UK
Stress Online Support Ltd.
A resource for those looking for information about stress management in the UK. This site aims to enable those with specific stress-related problems to find help in their locality. It also strives to provide a facility for professionals involved in stress management to locate suppliers, services, training, and support appropriate to their needs.