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Therapy Exploitation Link Line
Therapy Exploitation Link Line
The Therapy Exploitation Link Line (TELL) is a Massachusetts-based resource and referral self-help network for women who have been emotionally and/or sexually abused by physicians, therapists, or other health care professionals, who often insist that the abuse is treatment. This site also provides short essays on issues related to the topic and a list of resources including legal, associations, and books to read.

About Psychotherapy
Bennett Pologe, Ph.D.
Dr. Bennett Pologe's goal in creating this site is to explain psychotherapy in clear and accessible language, without trivializing it. Readers will come away with what psychotherapy is, how it works, why one should go, why and when one should stop going, and what should and should not happen there. Adding to the insight of the site were case examples, which were used to drive points home. All in all, a user-friendly, accessible, coherent, yet not simplistic description of what psychotherapy is, how it works, when to go, when not to, when to stop, etc.

OCD Online
Dr Steven Phillipson
This web site is devoted to promoting a greater understanding of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder's (OCD) treatment and mental processes, particularly the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a treatment method.  While the site does promote the services offered by Dr. Phillipson, it also has a good amount of information available about CBT and the results when used to treat OCD, as well as recommended readings and related sites.

Marriage and Family Therapy Site List
This is a list of 101 organizations for professional marriage and family therapists, as well as providing information for consumers about the field. Definitely worth checking out!

Theravive.com is a directory of licensed and professional counsellors who uphold strong  moral values in their practice.  Their mission is to provide values-based counselors and resources to individuals, couples, and families for lasting change.  This is a new site and is just beginning the process to add professionals to their site.  They currently have listings for several provinces of Canada, but will be expanding those, as well as adding listings for U.S. professionals.  The site looks to have promise, as they add more listings, fill out their articles section, and add more resources to their current list.